Director of Public Sector and Investments at Microsoft Turkey, Vice President of Council of European Professional Informatics Societies

R. Erdem Erkul , PhD started his academic career in Hacettepe University, Turkey. Department of Political Science and Public Administration in year 2003.

He is an entrepreneur.  In 2005 he established www.digitaldevlet.netweb site which is a web portal on e-government and informatics. He is also the editor of this web site. He started a new international e-government portal : www.digital-government.net In February 2008

R.Erdem Erkul who has publications & studies on e- government, web 2.0, New Public Administration, Informatics and Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Social Media also gives seminars...

He received his doctoral degree from Ankara University , Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Political Science and Public Administration  

Erkul conducted research at National Center For Digital Government, ( Which was established at Harvard University in 2002 in USA ) with Prof. Jane Fountain as a Doctoral Reserach Fellow in 2008-2009 Academic Year.

He studied at Massachusetts University about Public Policy, e-Government, Innovation in 2009.

Erkul, Awarded a certificate of completion for the Innovation for Economic Development Program , June 2013, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Executive Program.

When he was Harvard, He studied Public Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

His research interests are implementation of digital government as a public policy. He is also interested in issues regarding mobile government ( m-government 

NGO's is very important during Erkul's life.

He was Vice President and member of Executive Board of Turkish Informatics Association between 2011 and 2015.  He consults many digital government and public policy activities and awards. Since January 2010, Representative of Turkish Informatics Association inCouncil of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS ) in Brussels. 

He is a member of European Commission Informatics Portal-Informal Expert Committee since April 2010. As of June 2012 he was also elected as a peer reviewer to European Journal of Epractice.  He is a member of Turkish American Scientists and Scholars Association (TASSA). He managed and attended many social responsibility projects.

He is member of Executive Board of Turkish Informatics Foundation.

He is a Selection Committee Members of Young Innovators Competition of International Telecommunication Union

Erkul played Basketball between 1990 and 2009 in amateur and national league.

He worked as a Manager and Director Public Affairs & Corporate Citizenship at Microsoft Turkey between 2010 and 2013. 

Erkul was the Regional National Plan Manager at Microsoft Middle East & Africa Headquarters until August 2014.

From 2014 to 2018 Erkul was the Director of Public Sector & External Affairs & Strategy at Samsung Turkey.

As of July 2018 R. Erdem Erkul is appointed as the Director of Public Sector and Investments at Microsoft Turkey.

He is also the Vice President at Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS)

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08/04/2017, 1664

Dr. Erkul attended World Mobile Congress 2017 in Barcelona and blogged about it.

12/03/2017, 1161

Dr. Erdem Erkul met with Elon Musk

12/03/2017, 1217

Dr. Erkul at the ceremony held at the Samsung Headquarter in South Korea, Samsung Turkey's "Inspirational Voice" became one of the top three projects among all Samsung offices in the world.

31/12/2016, 1675

My Favorite Books of 2016

18/12/2016, 1744

Dr. Erkul Opened Samsung Innovation Center with Samsung Turkey President Daehyun Kim

03/11/2016, 1735

Dr. Erkul Opened Digital Library in Turkey with Minister and Executives

10/08/2016, 2042

Dr Erkul Attended Istanbul Bosphorus Swimming Race

26/05/2016, 1887

Dr. Erkul with Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and Mr. Gordon Brown at World Humanitarian Summit

26/05/2016, 1921

Samsung Supports UN World Humanitarian Summit with Virtual Reality Hub

18/02/2016, 2165

Dr. Erkul gave a speech at @TEPAV & @WorldBank event about 4th Industrial Revolution and DigitalEconomy & Technology

31/12/2015, 2043

Dr. Erkul attended g20 Summit.

29/11/2015, 2092

Erkul attended Cepis General Council Meeting in Vienna as Vice President of Cepis

19/05/2015, 2801

Erkul Attended Young Entrepreneurs Forum as Keynote Speaker

21/04/2015, 3733

Samsung Suwon Digital City

21/04/2015, 2392

Interview with Prof. Calestous Juma ( Harvard University , Director of Innovation for Economic Development ) about Innovation & Technology

21/04/2015, 2386

Interview with Prof. Darrell West ( Vice President of Brookings Institute ) about future of e-government and Technology by R.Erdem Erkul

19/04/2015, 3414

Dr. Erkul Attened Council of European Professional Informatics Societies Meeting in Reykjavik / Iceland as Vice Presidenf of Cepis

28/02/2015, 2255

Dr. Erkul was in Samsung Suwon Digital City with H.E Nihat Zeybekci & Samsung Electronics President Mr. Sang Jin Park

28/02/2015, 3445

Dr. Erkul was in Brussels to visit European Parliament and Executive Committee Meeting of Cepis

28/02/2015, 2169

Erkul gave seminars to 25 Mukhtars in Turkey about Entrepreneurship and ICT.

27/02/2015, 2094

Erkul with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

25/02/2015, 2283

Erkul attened Samsung Slabs R&D Center in Turkey. A picture from opening ceremony.

24/02/2015, 2106

Erkul became Vice President of Informatics Association of Turkey

18/02/2015, 2260

Middle East Africa Forum

18/02/2015, 2231

Dr. Erkul attended Samsung Middle East & Africa Forum. Photo with Governor of Antalya , President of Samsung MENA & President of Samsung Turkey.

15/02/2015, 2348

European Parliament

01/12/2014, 2103

R. Erdem ERKUL, selected to be a member of European Commission Informatics Portal-Informal Expert Committee

18/11/2014, 2129

Dr. Erdem Erkul has been elected vice president of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS)

23/10/2014, 2267

Erkul with John Kao , who is Mr Creativity

17/10/2014, 2026

Erkul gave a speech at Samsung Partner Event

18/06/2014, 2166

Erkul has written new article; " The 4 pillars of e-participation " published by Microsoft Global Blog.

07/04/2014, 1880

Erdem Erkul at the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) in Brussels

12/11/2013, 3243

Erkul was in Redmond , US for Microsoft Global Government Affaris Program.

16/09/2013, 2227

Erkul was in Dubai for some meetings. He visited Dubai Internet City.

18/08/2013, 2108

Erkul Started working at Samsung

18/05/2013, 3765

R. Erdem ERKUL was at Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Republic of Turkey and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

26/03/2013, 4562

Erkul, was accepted Harvard University Executive Program...

26/12/2012, 2073

Erkul went to Van... With Children at Van Polatoglu Elementary School...

26/12/2012, 2087

Erkul gave a speech About ICT in Sultangazi Municipality in ─░stanbul

24/11/2012, 1984

Erkul received an award from Informatics 2012 Executive Board for event.

24/11/2012, 1941

Erkul was President of Organizing Committee of Informatics 2012 in EMEA...

22/11/2012, 1859

Erkul with Prof Darrell West in Informatics Event in Turkey...

01/07/2012, 1889

Erkul was awardad by Habitat...

24/06/2012, 1928

Erkul gave IT literacy certificates to 200 women with Mevlut Cavusoglu in Alanya.

19/06/2012, 2016

New Initiative; Microsoft Youthspark...

24/05/2012, 1924

R. Erdem ERKUL was at Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus with President of Republic of Turkey.

06/05/2012, 1895

Erkul Attended 48th Cepis Council in Milano...

22/04/2012, 1997

R. Erdem Erkul was Hakkari for Green IT Summit...

05/03/2012, 1999

Erkul was in Erzurum. He visited Volunteers with member of parliament of Erzurum .

23/02/2012, 1969

R. Erdem ERKUL went to Van after earthquake he gathered Van's Children

18/01/2012, 2050

Erkul was Adana Yuregir with UNDP Directors and Yuregir's Children

07/06/2011, 3483

R. Erdem ERKUL, Attended the Opening Ceremony Community Technology Center with Minister Cevdet Yilmaz and Cemal Akyel in Bingol. June 2011

20/04/2011, 3662

Secure Internet for Family Seminars started at Microsoft Office. Erkul Was There. April 2011

13/04/2011, 2908

Erkul attended Habitat Youth Assembly with Minister of State Cevdet Yilmaz in Ankara. There was 300 young.April 2011

19/01/2011, 3003

Erkul, Attended World Education Forum in London. January 2011

04/01/2011, 3623

R. Erdem ERKUL Attended Invest of Future conference with Jeffrey Avina who is Citizenship Director of Microsoft Middle East and Africa in Istanbul. Sponsored by State Department of US and Kagider and Microsoft. January 2011

07/12/2010, 3227

R.Erdem ERKUL, attended for the new Community Technology Center opening ceromony in Umraniye Municipality of ─░stanbul.

01/11/2010, 3689

R. Erdem ERKUL, Attended 45.CEPIS Council Meeting, Brussels. As a Representative of Informatics Association of Turkey.

13/04/2010, 4054

R. Erdem ERKUL, Attended 44.CEPIS Council Meeting, Bucharest. As a Representative of Informatics Association of Turkey.

01/01/2010, 3349

R Erdem ERKUL attended Informatics 2010 Conference in Turkey with Prof. Peter Levin, Who is Senior Advisor of Secretary and Chief Technology Officer of Department of Veterans Affairs in US. He also works for the Open Government Project at White House.